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We feel greatly privileged to host the upcoming international conference which focuses on ethical and governance practices to be followed not only by the corporate sector but anyone involved in business and services activities with the motive of earning profit.

We expect leading academics, scholars and practitioners to join us at the conference and share their research outcome on the conference topics and themes with fellow researchers from across the globe.

Ethical Behavior!
Coming to understand the term, scholars state that ‘acting in ways consistent with what society and individuals typically think are good values’ is . ethical behavior. It is good for business and involves demonstrating respect for key moral principles that include honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity and individual rights.

Panel Discussion!
During the conference, we are also organizing panel discussions, invited presentations on topics of interest to the academic community. A panel discussion on the following topic will be organized.

Topic: Effective communication skills! How do they help our students??
A 10% Group Discount on the ‘registration fee’ available for a group comprising three members.
A 5% discount is applicable for those who register and complete conference fee payment on or before the deadline- April 10, 2018.
(Not applicable to one-day attendance).
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Please submit your manuscripts/case studies in any of the areas/topics indicated below:
Corporate Governance!
Gender Diversity, Corporate governance challenges, Governance and Regulations, Activist Investors, Corporate Ownership and Control, Board Refreshment, Corporate Governance: new challenges and opportunities, Board Evaluation, Accountability Issues, Social and Financial Performance, Governance and Sustainability, Ownership Structure of Corporations, Corporations and Society, Governance and Strategy, Private Equity, Institutional Investors, Capital Markets, Financial Markets, Private Equity, Methods for Studying Boards and Governance, Informal governance mechanisms, Equity Market, Informal governance, Codes, Rules, Processes, Policies and Institutions Related to the Administration of the Corporations, Women Directors on Corporate Boards, Board Diversity, Top Management Team, Reality in the face of prescription, Definition inconsistency and system improvement, Boards of directors, External reporting need vs. delivery, Codes of ‘best practice’ and norms of behaviour, Risk management, Governance and financial market economics, Internal controls and accountability, Financial market supervision and control, Effect of culture and religion, Corporate governance and level of disclosures, corporate governance and firm performance, corporate governance literature, Organizational Change- How to tackle fears?, Managing Corporate Culture, Empowerment for Women, Corporate Values Alignment, Emerging Issues in Corporate Governance.

(The topics given are just suggestive in nature. You may feel free to submit manuscripts on related topics in your area of specialization.)

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International Conference on Corporate Governance & Business Ethics